Sometimes jumping ship and taking risk is the way ahead

One of the questions that you will ask yourself is, ‘How long can I continue the type of work I am doing’. If you have a very busy schedule of teaching at schools generally what happens is during the term time you will be incredibly busy but when you get to the holiday periods the work drops off, which is ok if you have other things to do or you have enough money to take a long break.  However the problem can be that due to inconsistencies projects and other ideas do not get completed in the down times and therefore end up being on the backburner.
Gigging can get you in a similar dilemma that you are not earning enough by playing to develop new income streams and if you are busy you do not have the time to make something else happen.
Sometimes jumping ship and taking risk is the way ahead
This of course means that one has got to make a success of the it makes me reflect on how I set up in the first place which was by taking risk and leaving a job and getting involved in teaching and performing. Things were a little bit easier then and I was blissfully naïve which as something I have discussed in the past as being one of the important ingredients required for success.
One of the problems of working for yourself in this manner is there is not a career trajectory, there is no promotion to be had only new ideas to be acted upon of which many do not succeed. Often cited by people who are successful entrepreneurs is that for every 10 ideas that they have only three of them survive and succeed the other seven fail but the successes outweigh the failures.
So I am currently reviewing my jumping off point and hopefully relatively safe landing.