Over the past couple of years we have been developing Bluescampuk into an ongoing training system. The team members consist of professional performing musicians and teachers with years and years of experience between them and we want to share some of those years of experience with you on a more regular basis than just the once a year camp. Although great fun and very informative you will need something extra in order to develop your ability to play, form bands and develop into a semi-professional or professional musician. We look upon it as keeping you on course and motivated to achieve.

We have had a lot of successes between us, pupils who have gone on to become successful players working with the biggest names in the industry. The secret of this does not come down to the college course, university degree or even the grading certificate it comes down to what is unique about you as a player and your ability to focus that in a way that you can trade; in other words like running any other business.

One of the interesting perspectives about the music industry for want of a better term is it is actually at the cutting-edge of trends in the economy. I know this sounds very strange until you read the work of Jacque Attali who is an economist, politician and musician whose seminal work entitled ‘Noise’ traced the link between innovations in music which pre-empted the direction that the economy would then take. This means we are on the edge of something different happening and anyone can spot that because of the disruptive nature of technology, this therefore means that any instruction we give you needs to be flexible so that we can change to adapt to circumstances as they arise.

One of the important elements that we include in our work is the involvement of the psychological and neurological blanket term of neuro-linguistic programming, something that we use to express this but in actual fact the techniques that we use are far more varied than NLP.

We will attempt to uncover the things that make successful musicians, and in some cases entrepreneurs, successful by asking the right questions that get to the heart of what it is that they do and then pass these onto you in various ways such as getting you to experiment with the ideas and sharing the results with other members so that you can learn and develop together.

The plan for running this membership section will require a small monthly payment to cover the costs of running interviews and our general time of putting information together and getting that out to you.  What you will be getting in return for your money will be in-depth interviews with musicians and teachers and people in business because historically the successful musicians and artists are not necessarily technically the most proficient but are frequently the most efficient with their time and their artistic and business skills.

There will be a forum for you to network with other members and the idea is for you to coordinate and cooperate with one another and to do recordings et cetera online. We endeavour to show you all the things that we know and to research the things that we don’t currently know but we know people who do and because this is a form of a journey for us as well you will be able to influence the type of things that we cover.

So to start off we are going to make the price very low and it that price will then stand for the first 50 people who sign up then we will increase the price slightly for the next 50 and so on. The reasoning behind this as in all things that we do is we do not want to be exclusive and we want to include people who really need to make money from music. The nature of contemporary music has changed somewhat from the realm of the working class guitar player back in the 1960s to being the domain of the public school educated teenager today. We would like to encourage a change in that and this is one of the ways that we would like to do it by encouraging getting in quick at a low price.

So if you’re interested signing up today